MonaLisa Touch Videos

Here are some of the most informative videos available about the MonaLisa Touch procedure. You may also wish to read our frequently asked questions about MonaLisa Touch to learn more.

MonaLisa Touch Overview

In this animated overview video from MonaLisa Touch maker DEKA Laser you’ll see a scientific explanation of how the treatment stimulates new collagen and promotes tissue regeneration to treat against vaginal atrophy, laxity and urinary incontinence.

MonaLisa Touch Patient Testimonials

Watch three women — two of whom are breast cancer survivors — talk about their shared experience using MonaLisa Touch to treat symptoms such as vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, and how it ultimately restored intimacy in their personal lives.

Please note: though these women are not patients of MonaLisa Touch Naples, our patients report having similar results following treatment.

The MonaLisa Touch 360° Procedure

In this video Dr. Mickey Karram will walk you through an actual MonaLisa Touch treatment session, explaining the procedure as he goes.

MonaLisa Touch on The Doctors

On this episode of The Doctors, Jen visits Dr. Peter Weiss for a MonaLisa Touch treatment. Then, back in the studio the doctor discusses the procedure in more detail and Jen shares her positive results.

MonaLisa Touch History Webinar

In this nearly one hour webinar, Dr. Stefano Salvatore and Dr. Mickey Karram go into great detail about the advent of and technology behind the MonaLisa Touch laser. They also discuss various trials and studies taking place here in the United States.